Monday, September 18, 2006

Myspace is truly amazing

A blast from the past:

Fishing in Massachusetts. From left to right, me, Becky, Alex, and Nathan. I have no idea which stream or river this is.

Over the weekend I got a Myspace message from some guy named Natulufugus. Turns out he's Nathan Siegwart, the kid in the picture above. He grew up in the house next door to us in Worcester.

His family left Worcester right around the same time we did, moving back to Michigan. Coincidentally he just recently moved to Florida a few months ago, but he is way up in the panhandle, a day's drive from Orlando.

This morning he sent me a few pictures from what must be right around 1986 (that would make me 8).

He claims that his sister, Becky, always had a crush on me. You decide.

Unfortunately, Becky was four years younger than me. In elementary school that was just too wide a chasm for our young hearts to cross. If only we had met in our twenties or thirties (and I was single)...


Mom said...

You look so cute! Kevin reminds me so much of you at that age. Aren't those old houses great?!

Jerry said...

I grew up in houses like those, too. I miss my attic and basement.

Emily said...

you had a big head back then, too

Anonymous said...

hi! long time no see. This is Becky by the way, the one horribly attacking you in the pics. My friend in London sent me a link to your blog, and Nate told me he got ahold of you via myspace. you should email me sometime, there's alot of catching up to do i'm sure