Saturday, September 02, 2006

These guys know how to party

Laura has some pictures posted on her blog of Walrus' birthday party. I noticed that they were having fun with chopsticks in some of the pictures. Here are some pictures of some Japanese guys having fun with chopsticks:

These pictures were taken on the cruise ship party that Emily and I attended back in June. I didn't post any of the pictures from this party because I figured who wants to see a dozen pictures of drunken Japanese?

Speaking of Japanese, I have a video hosted on Google video of an anonymous girl in Kanazawa singing "I'm a Barbie Girl." Google video allows viewers to add labels to other people's videos. Somebody added the label "sex" to this particular video. As a result, in the last few days thousands of people have watched the video and hundreds have followed the link to this blog.

Sorry, you won't find any sex on this blog.

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Angry Sicilian said...

except if they are go to my blog, they'll find one sexy angry sicilian. ooooh yeeeah