Friday, October 13, 2006

1020 on 10/20

Lately I've been busy coordinating with Beautify CNMI! on an island wide destination enhancement day. We are calling the event 1020 on 10/20, the idea being that on October 20th we will recruit 1020 volunteers to pick up trash, paint over graffiti, plant trees, and generally beautify our islands.

The event is next Friday.

I've been doing everything I can to get news about this event into the public's conciousness. Not only do I want to surpass our goal of 1020 volunteers, but on 10/21 I want everyone on this island to take a look at our work and say, "Damn, we did a good job."

The local press has been extremely helpful. The newspapers have given us space in their pages and TV and radio have both given us airtime. Also, in their columns this week, both Harry Blalock and Ruth Tighe wrote glowing commentaries of Beautify CNMI! We also have our website, which has been averaging about 40 unique visitors a day since we officially launched it a few short weeks ago.

Things are looking up. Now if only it would stop raining (so when does the rainy season end anyway?)

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