Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Absentee Voting

Florida is 27 days away from Democratic Victory!

I finally received my absentee ballot in the mail today! I opened it up, filled it out, paused to take a few pictures, and took it back to the post office in Chalan Kanoa.

So who did I vote for?

The candidate I was most excited to cast a ballot for this election was my good friend Scott Randolph. Scott ran his campaign the old fashioned way: from the ground up. He didn't have to rely on the state party and special interest groups pumping out mailer after mailer after mailer. He relied on small donations from individuals, not corporations, and spent months knocking on doors to get his message out. He won his primary by 22 points and I hope he wins the general election by an even larger margin. Vote for Randolph!

For Senate I voted for Bill Nelson. Bill Clinton said, "Good is not the enemy of perfect (or something like that)." For some of my Democratic friends, Bill Nelson isn't a perfect candidate. Well, Bill's work in the Senate over the last six years is one of the main reasons we don't have polluting oil rigs off of our tourism dollar generating, pristine shores. That's good enough for me. Vote for Nelson!

Then finally, Jim Davis got my vote for governor. I met Jim (as in I shook his hand as he greeted crowds of people) a few times during the 2004 Presidential Election. I saw him at a few Kerry rallies and he also came to the League of Conservation Voters office in Orlando. LCV gave Jim a 100% last year. If you care about environmental issues and the health of your family, then Jim is the perfect candidate (Jim and Bill Nelson aren't enemies, thus proving Bill Clinton right). Vote for Davis!

On a side note:

Doesn't the ballot for governor look a little off? Almost butterfly ballot-ish? The arrow pointing to the Democratic candidate is closer to the "REP" than the arrow for the Republican candidate. Not that I'm endorsing election fraud, but...

In other news:

The Yankees still haven't won a World Series in the Third Millenium.
New score: Red Sox 1, Yankees 0

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