Monday, October 09, 2006

Bush's Folly

Good morning, East Coast!

While you were sleeping, North Korea tested an underground nuclear device. The US Geological Survey registered the explosion as a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. Looks like we invaded the wrong country.

Emily and I had some friends over for dinner tonight and we came to the conclusion that this is the biggest thing to happen since 9/11. This event is going to define the Bush presidency and our lives for the next few years.

The US took the unity and worldwide support generated from 9/11 and blew it on Saddam Hussein. Now we find that it wasn't Saddam Hussein, but Kim Jong Il who had the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Somebody made a really big mistake.

We done messed up. What do we do now?

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Missy said...

Blame Canada?


I also feel that this is pretty significant, but wonder how much airtime it will get until after the November elections...and what will happen in the meantime...? Hmmm.

BTW, Happy Belated Birthday to you & Emily! Wishing you both many many more happy birthdays!