Monday, October 23, 2006

No place to hang

Emily and I checked out the Japanese Autumn Festival in Garapan this past Saturday. We ran into John "Thumbtacks" Moreno at a booth selling omikuji and ema. John's omikuji was in Japanese, so he had no idea what it meant or where to hang it. Money well spent, ne? As for us, we bought a pair of ema for Emma to bring back home.

The festival setup was similar to that of the Taste of the Marianas where you had to buy tokens at a central booth to pay for food at the other booths. Even though there was a booth selling okinomiyaki, we got there just as the festival was winding down, so we didn't bother to get any food. We just did a once around, got back in the car and went for lunch at Caprisiosa. Hey, that's Japanese cuisine, right?

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