Thursday, November 09, 2006

Did you get your money's worth?

I don't always trust what the newspapers on Saipan report. In today's Variety, an article reports that 23 government officials are going on a business junket in Hawaii. In the same paper, an editorial says that 32 are going. The article reports that the cost per participant for the two day conference is $3,846.60.

If the newspaper is to be believed, which often it is not, that means that the cost of the two day conference to the CNMI government is somewhere between $44,235.90 - $61,545.60 PER DAY.

The Variety is reporting that the airfare alone is $2,221.10 per person, while the Tribune is reporting that the airfare is no more than $900 per person. A quick check of quoted me a price of over $2000 for this trip (if booked today). The price at was a litter lower, but still over $1400 (if booked today).

So who do you believe? How many people are going? How much will it cost per person? Is the government footing the entire bill? What will the CNMI get for $60,000 per day?

These are important questions. We've all heard the saying that "you have to spend money to make money," but is it really necessary to spend so much? Hell, we don't even know how much they are spending because the newspapers can't get their stories straight.


Mona said...

Those numbers are sickening. Couldn't someone just take notes and report back? Will every single official "forge partnerships and do business" or will some use this as an excuse to schlep over tuna to their families in Hawaii? Sounds too sketchy.

I hope they're returning with more than just Hilton hotel soaps and shaving kits.

And the newspapers always had a wonky writing style. I remember reading a sports article that said, "The mayor was not absent."

Missy said...

I read the same stories as thought damn near the same thing. Shady, shady.

Did you see the listing of who is going? Is it really necessary? And the part about everyone's per diem being different...uh okay, let's just dig the hole a tad bit deeper, shall we?

: )

Saipan Chamoale said...

I was kind of nervous about posting this because people have a tendency to hold grudges here, but since this was already published in both papers, it is not like I'm really bringing some new to light. I'm just regurgitating so that my mother and brother in Florida see it.

My favorite college professor used to ask the question:

"If you are diggin yourself a hole, what is the first thing you should do?"

To which the whole class would yell back:


Anonymous said...

this is a crock of crap! i think you need to smack a bitch.

Anonymous said...

this is a crock of crap! i think you need to smack a bitch.

Mom said...

Perhaps you could tell the CNMI about videoconferencing?

Saipan Chamoale said...

Looks like this guy read my blog:

The tidbit about videoconferencing gave it away.