Monday, November 20, 2006

Hot Japanese Girls!

There is a Japanese movie company on Saipan this week. They are filming a movie called Memory of the Seashore. The guy in the middle wearing red shorts and a white hat is supposed to be famous. Any ideas who he is?

These girls are the top three finalists in the Ms. Saipan contest. As part of being in the final three, they get roles in the movie. Woot! No idea what Ms. Saipan means, though. They're hot. Enough said. They're all winners in my book.

So why did I get to meet them? Because they heard of Beautify CNMI and wanted to pitch in! Heck yeah! How awesome is that? This afternoon they went straight from arriving at the airport to a cleanup at Paupau Beach. The beach was actually already pretty clean, so there wasn't much cleaning up to do. We gave them T-shirts and stickers after we took approximately 4.6 million pictures together.

They'll be filming around the island all week. Keep an eye out.

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Sayuri said...

I wish I could be miss Saipan too but I never been there.
Sayuri form Tokyo