Monday, November 27, 2006

No way am I running for office

Someone recently turned me on to a local CNMI message board called Politics Now: Crossfire. The first thread I opened, titled A Unified CNMI GOP + Increasing Public Discontentment = Demise of Covenant Party, had these two comments:

US Resident NMI Voter:

I am wondering if there are no young people available to run for office. I heard that Angelo Villagomez and Edmund "Kilili" Villagomez may just give it a try in 07 and they have my votes, guaranteed.

Good Voter writes:

Good choice for Angelo and Edmund. There are more young and energetic possible candidates.

I am humbled by these sentiments, but I have no desire to run for office. I am happy making my non-profit salary and making a difference from outside of the government.

Some of the other threads on the message board are very interesting, though. There is a current of extreme dissatisfaction running through the whole message board. Most of the contributors seem very unhappy with the current state of the government and are yearning for change. The fact that the same people that ran for office in 1976 are still running for office in 2006 is brought up time and time again.

Most of the posters seem to be Republican. I've mentioned before that there are three local factions of the Republican party. The majority of contributors seem to hail from the BB Republicans. Ben and Tim get a bashing from these BB R's. Ouch!

Whatever. I'm staying out of it. I'll report. You decide.


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Anonymous said...

Hafadai Angelo,

This is an open letter to the public, and in reference to a proposed lease of public land situated in Chalan Piao, on the island of Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, listed as: Lot # 024-I03, consisting of approximately 419 square meters. The deadline for comments is set for the 1st of December, 2006.

Please allow me to give a brief history of the above lot (which was originally part of what is now 5 lots).

I first stepped on that property in 1968. A year later, after typhoon Jean devastated the island; the U.S. government gave aid and we built a typhoon proof house. That house has since been dismantled (after withstanding many other forces of nature) although the foundation and slab are still there.

In the 70’s, the grounds immediately north of ours was leased to a block manufacturer to mine the sand. I wondered then, “why do they keep taking the sand on our side of the property?”

In the 80’s, a foreign investor leased the (former) sand mine and erected (what appeared to be) a single-story commercial building. Unfortunately, for the businessman, despite hiring a local surveying company, he built his complex beyond his border and encroached my family’s land.

In the 90’s, my parents filed necessary paper-works to finally get what was rightfully theirs only to find that the single piece of property had been divided into different parts!

It is now 2006, awarding the investor this “lease” will do 2 things: 1) deprive my family of their rights to the land 2) condone all the previous wrong doings.

I suggest that the “lease” of Lot # 024-I03 be postponed and offer the following:

1.Hold all proceedings in the above matter.
2.Interested parties meet and discuss a fair and just solution.
3. All discussions and final solution be open to the public.

I appeal to the leaders of our Commmonwealth to take action on this matter with this in mind, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing’.

In closing, let us never forget, that there are two laws of the land; man’s law and God’s Law.

I am,

Joseph Cepeda Reyes

Angelo said...

Joe, when I hear about this stuff it makes me wish I had listened to my father and gone to law school. I am not very familiar with the laws or even most of the different agencies within the CNMI. I would tell you if I could help, but my expertise is in environmental issues, not land issues. I hope that allowing you to use my website as a public forum is enough. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.