Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Vast Mainland Conspiracy

Man. Did I set off a firestorm with the We Love Saipan network or what? Not only did some guy in West Palm spew off 20 or so comments on a number of different blogs to which I contribute, but somebody felt it necessary to start a wiki on Wikipedia detailing the history of a certain negative website.

The wiki says that the We Love Saipan network has "published a plan to counter the negative website's ranking through a campaign of google bombing and text anchoring." That's not true. We plan to counter the website's ranking by increasing the Internet literacy of the people of Saipan (which includes coding and text anchoring), promoting websites that accurately portray life in the CNMI, and putting out content detailing our activities to make these islands a better place to live and visit.

Got a problem with that? Deal.

The wiki fingers a former CNMI Assistant Attorney General named William Betz as the author of said negative website. Well, the wiki says that he is the alleged author. Homeboy has never made a public statement about his involvement with the website, even though lists him as the administrative contact for said negative website.

Bitter haole, party of one?


Anonymous said...

My question is, what makes your tactics so different from the Saipan Sucks authors'?

Its authors use an overblown title, "Saipan Sucks," and then you respond with another overblown title, "A Vast Mainland Conspiracy." Is either one true? Are not both overstatments?

Your campaign, to which perhaps your grant-funding is connected, is to promote the CNMI, Saipan Sucks's campaign is to demote the CNMI, the opposite of yours. Both are lopsided. Whle you state you wish to "accurately portray life in the CNMI," I think your version of what that means is similar to that of the Saipan Sucks author, but inverted. Saipan Sucks' goal is to lopsides Saipan life to the negative, while your goal is to lopside Saipan life to the positive. Both are transparently false to educated readers. Niether is an accurate portrayal of life in the CNMI.

People charge the Saipan Sucks author with being deceitful and misleading. Yet it is also deceitful and misleading to write "Saipan Sucks" while hypertexting that to the Beautify CNMI! or any other website. Both are decietful and misleading of people.

People charge the Saipan Sucks author with racism, to which you then respond to author with racism by use of the racially-charged label "haole." ( For those unfamiliar, see ).

You stated that my posts were "spew." Saipan Sucks also uses this sort of immature labelling.

You cannot meet like with like or inverted like. There is a better way, one that actually does bring you the moral high ground. I am trying to faithfully help you see it. Just ask.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, why do you hate the CNMI?

Curt Hopkins said...

You left a comment on my blog []. If you got fired for your blog would you please tell me/remind me of the details? bobfolder at gmail dot com. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, AV, why do you keep repeating this baseless adolescent comment?

Anonymous said...

Curt, I am sorry to learn of your predicament. I am upset at it but must admit it suprises me none, none at all.

And to think that people who have been fired for blogging criticize others for posting anonymously or pseudonomously!

The history of anonymous expression in political dissent is quite voluminous. I think it can be wise for obvious reasons, one which you are still facing.

I hope things turn out for you, and best wishes on your research!

Saipan Chamoale said...

See what I mean?

Anonymous said...

No. Why don't you explain.