Monday, November 20, 2006

The Wonderful World of Saipan

Anyone who has ever been diving in Saipan should own this video. From their website:
The Underwater World of Saipan is a 105-minute interactive DVD showcasing the incredible beauty and bio-diversity of Saipan’s underwater world. With 7 amazing dives to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start but getting there is effortless with a simple to use map menu. Simply select the dive site you want to see, then sit back and enjoy your virtual tour beginning high atop Mount Tapochau. The descent from Saipan’s highest peak quickly pinpoints each dive location while a short boat ride or 4-wheel drive gets you there. Wonderful cinematography then captures the unique topside attractions of each site including spectacular seaside cliffs, historical WWII monuments, beautiful white sand beaches and local children playing in crystal clear waters.
My name is Angelo Villagomez, and I endorsed this ad.

But seriously, people. This video was locally made and it really captures what a dive in Saipan is like. Laura, Josh, Adam, and David, you'll notice that the video goes to Obyan, Bonzai, Naftan, and the Grotto. If you want to share with your friends what it was like, this video is perfect. You have the option of watching the dives one at a time or you can just watch the whole video. Amazing video. Wow. Get one.

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gretel said...

oooh! Tell me more! p.s. I picked you up a pack of strawberry kitkats... they appear to be back!