Saturday, December 23, 2006

DPS Crime Prevention Jamboree

The Department of Public Safety held their first Crime Prevention Jamboree on Friday. I was on hand to assist with Recyling services as part of Beautify CNMI! I borrowed recyling bins from DEQ and set them up near the entrance. I gave anyone who I caught recycling a Beautify CNMI! bumper sticker.

The Jamboree started off at the Ada gym aroud 3:30, where the crowd watched acting DPS director Capt. Pete Leon Guerrero and Sgt. Jack Salas jump out of an airplane and land on the field where my soccer team, Saipan International, won their game 9-0 last Sunday.

Capt. Pete Leon Guerrero and Sgt. Jack SalasSaipan Santa ClausAfter they landed, everybody, including POWER 99, Santa Claus, local beauty pageant winners, and several school busses full of students, paraded down Beach Road to the American Memorial Park Amphitheater.

I saw my brother, Officer Abraham Villagomez, in uniform for the first time. Lookin' good, bro!

DPS Crime Prevention JamboreeThe DPS Crime Prevention officers were worried that the kids would fall asleep during the long program, so they fed them several large boxes of candy...and when I say box, I don't mean Cracker Jack sized boxes, I'm talking about shipping crates.

They caused a feeding frenzy among the sugar deprived children on the CNMI:

DPS Crime Prevention JamboreeDPS Crime Prevention JamboreeDPS Crime Prevention JamboreeDPS Crime Prevention JamboreeWith the kids sufficiently jacked up on sugar, the program started with the singing of the US and the CNMI National Anthems, followed by speeches from the Acting Governor, Acting DPS Commissioner, and Rep. Cinta Kaipat.

DPS Crime Prevention JamboreeDPS Crime Prevention JamboreeDPS Crime Prevention JamboreeAfter the speeches about the importance of leading a drug-free and a crime-free life, it was time for the entertainment! The Taga Dancers were flown over from Tinian, Dean Manglona and the Naughty Boys sang a few songs, and student groups from several schools sang Christmas carols and performed drills.

DPS Crime Prevention JamboreeDPS Crime Prevention JamboreeI think there was some other entertainment, too, I just can't remember their names as I type this on a Sunday morning. Sorry, I suck, I know.

I was asked to be one of the two judges for the drill competition. Sponsored by Saipan Cell, this contest is going to be an annual event where the winning high school gets to take home a trophy with each year's winner engraved on it. This year's winner was Kagman High School, with Marianas High School coming in second, and Saipan Southern High School coming in third.

The Jamboree was still going strong when I left at 9 PM. I went out for pizza with some friends afterwards and by the time we finished eating, I was ready for a shower and bed.

I skipped Gin's party at Oceans. Sorry, Gin.

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!

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