Thursday, December 28, 2006

Great News!!!

The Angry Sicilian is coming to Saipan!!!

...and I really like this blog. I'm stealing his idea as soon as someone tells me I look like someone famous.

...and since I'm linking to funny websites, I love this website, too.


Missy said...

WTH happened to your "Got Milk" post? I tried to comment on it, and it is gone (but still on my google reader).

Anyway..yeah the containers are larger than 3 ounces...wonder if they would accept my last mammogram films in lieu of airport xrays? : )

We are flying in March or April and IF I have to pump and bottle, hopefully they won't make me taste it like they used to do when you traveled with milk/formula. I would def. barf.

: )

Saipan Chamoale said...

I took it off. Trying to keep things focused on just ignore the posts about Miss Nevada.

Mona said...

This reminds me of Black People Love Us.

Bev said...

forehead, i think you should try video blogging. You'd be funny to watch;)