Saturday, December 09, 2006

Holy Exhaustion Headache, Batman!

Ouch! Let me say that again, ouch!

EJ and I participated in the swim from Paupau Beach to Managaha today; it was a 7000 meter course. I drank more salt water than I probably should, have a nasty burn on my neck, and for some ungodly reason, my wetsuit made my nipples sore. Ew.

It took about 3 hours to swim from island to island.

It was a pretty cool swim. I saw lots and lots of coral around the Tanapag part of the lagoon and 5 huge frickin' sting rays between the Tanapag channel and Managaha.

Amazing! I survived 5 sting rays! Take that Steve, let's not go there.

After the race I barely made it to my bed before I passed out. I was unconcious for about 3 hours.

More on this later. I need food. After that I'll probably go to Brad's party. Probably. Well, possibly. I should really just go back to bed.

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steve said...

Wow, 7000 meters? That's long! Glad you got home in one piece.