Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How far away is Saipan?

I started running when I was in the 10th grade. My goal for the season was to break the five minute mark in the mile, which I eventually did. If I'm not mistaken, my best time that season was a speedy 4:52. Don't ask me how I remember that. I think my best time my Senior year was 4:38...it might have been a little faster, I don't really remember because I was really focused on the 4x800 that year.

The point I'm trying to make is that Saipan is over 8000 miles away from Winter Park. If I could somehow run over water and over mountains at the pace of 5 minutes per mile, which is pretty damn fast, it would take me just under 28 days to get from point A to point B.

Earlier this evening I was looking at pictures from my 10th High School Reunion in Winter Park, which I just missed. I wish I had been there, but then I think about how far away I am from Florida.

Not that I'm complaining to be on Saipan. After all, every day around sunset I get to look up into the sky to see this:

Saipan CloudsSometimes I just wish those teleporter things from Star Trek were real.


J said...

I wish I had a teleporter as well, or better, a time machine.

I wrote the following letter to the editors, but it was not printed:

Mr. Editor:

Thank you for printing my letter concerning the proposed lease of public land in Chalan Piao - Lot # 024-I03.

The Department of Public Lands has scheduled a meeting with my mother and her attorney on Monday, the 11th of December at 9 am. I urge your paper to cover this meeting and publish their discussions.

Your paper may want to let the people know what happened to this piece of property. Specifically: Why was this land (belonging to the public) divided into 5 different parts? Who authorized the action? Furthermore - after discovery of (building) encroachment into public land - what penalties (if any) were administered to the builder and surveyor?

In view of recent OPA finding regarding financial matters at MPLA and MPLT ; our leaders may want to expand OPA's audit to include ALL public lands on our 3 major islands under (the original public land office) MPLC's watch.

I urge the DPL to set the record straight and do what is just (for the people) and make it right (for my family).

In the words of the late George Bernard Shaw: "We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."

As of 12 December; the DPL decided to go ahead with the "lease" of the above mentioned property which leaves me no alternative - I will write a letter to the Public Auditor requesting an investigation into this whole mess. The results will not be pretty.

Angelo, thank you for allowing me to use your blog to air my concerns. I appreciate you.

Saipan Chamoale said...

No problemo

Missy said...

If you get a teleporter, can you give me a lift to Chicago?

That would be swell.

: )

Laura said...

how many times a day do I wish for a teleporter. damn, I feel ya, dude.