Saturday, December 23, 2006

Miss Saipan Aika Okabe

Ishibashi TamotsuI've been getting a lot of hits from people in Japan doing google searches for "Miss Saipan Aika Okabe." I'm guessing that the TV show or the movie they were filming must have recently played in Japan (or maybe the pageant just played or maybe it was because of this). I posted a couple pictures of her here and here when she was still in Saipan shooting a movie with Ishibashi Tamotsu (he's the one in the red shorts in the photo above).

I know nothing about the Miss Saipan contest and I know nothing about her, but I do have a few more pictures of Miss Saipan and the two other finalists. Here they are:

Miss Saipan Aika OkabeMiss Saipan Aika OkabeMiss Saipan Aika OkabeMiss Saipan Aika OkabeAika is the on in the middle. She's 15. The two other girls in the pictures are Miki Kurabayashi and Erina Andou.

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