Monday, December 18, 2006

Alright, so you might have noticed that your We Love Saipan button hasn't been working. I suck. We've switched the icon over to the server. Please edit your template and use the code found below.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Walt has made it easier for you to add yourself to the Network. Simply add a link to the We Love Saipan Network homepage, then fill out the short linkman form (get there by clicking on the "add your blog" link). If you want to be added to the mainpage, email Walt a short blurb and a picture.

Here is mine:
I left Saipan when I was 3 years old. I visited a few times over the years, but I can’t say that I ever lived here. That changed in April 2006, when, after 24 years in the US, England, and Japan, I returned to the island that I first called home.

First of all, I love this island for itself; more specifically, I love Saipan’s unparalleled natural beauty. Whether I’m hiking up a mountain, lying on a beach, or looking at fish under 100 feet of water, I find this island breathtaking. There is no place else like it.

I love our rich and storied history. So much has happened here! Magellan stopped here when he circumnavigated the globe, one of World War II’s most important battles was fought here, and we’ve been through four different colonial administrations. We’re a lot more than just a tiny speck on a map!

I also love the diverse and beautiful people on Saipan. Take a walk through the Thursday Night Street Market and you are bound to overhear conversations in Chamorro, Carolinian, English, Tagalog, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and a dozen other languages. No other place this size has so much diversity.

More than anything else though, Saipan is and forever will be my home; I love it for that fact alone.
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If you have a website or a blog and you would like to join the We Love Saipan Network, please email the webmaster at with a small blurb about your site, then add a link to on your mainpage.

If you want to be a real We Love Saipan Network Superstar, then go ahead and add this button to your mainpage:

We Love Saipan

Simply copy and paste the above html code into your website template, then use the linkman form on to add your blog to the growing list of We Love Saipan Network bloggers and webmasters.

Why not add a link to this blog while your at it? Or something like that.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a part of the site! Just let me know what you need me to do!

Anonymous said...

Sure, sounds great. What do I need to do to get on welovesaipan? Thanks,


The Angry Sicilian said...

Angelo.. you should put an "alt" text with that image.. something that will show up on google. Like "We Love Saipan Website"

Do a google search for alt tags for images. Its easy.

ps lay off my lil' dog :-P

Angelo said...

Is that how you get so many image search results on your website? Bastard.

the p.i.c. said...

Holy Crap! I just noticed that blogger automatically puts in the ALT tags. You just have to write in the description you want. I've been missing out for years. I'm going to start using them.

Jake (Hoover) said...

i just added the WE LOVE SAIPAN tag on my xanga. thanks for sharing!

Angry Sicilian said...


Coming up on three years later... How does the phrase "Life is for Service" strike you now?

-- A.S.

Saipan Chamoale said...

Are you suggesting that I get that tattoo? I almost did.

steve said...

Ok Angelo. I've added both the WeloveSaipan button and linked to the site. Sorry it took so long.

the p.i.c. said...

Thanks, Steve.

You know one of these we're going to have to meet in person, don't you?

steve said...

Hehehe. Amazing that we haven't met in person yet considering Saipan isn't THAT big. =)