Saturday, January 27, 2007

And on the Seventh Day...

He rested...then at 4:30 he played in a soccer game.

I'm missing a Beautify CNMI! cleanup as I type this. May Cinta Kaipat and the rest of the volunteers have mercy on my soul.

My soccer game today is vs. the PTI team...that's Morgan Rose's team. She's been talking trash since Day 1 of Soccer Season. She'd better show up; I'm looking forward to crushing her team (and her hopes and dreams).

Morgan RoseCome on, a little friendly competion never hurt anyone!


RL said...


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RL said...


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bradinthesand said...

Is that an ass grab with your right hand?

The Saipan Blogger said...

It sure looks like one.

Dang it!

Patricia said...

Is Morgan hugging Nina? Yes? Damn, Nina's got game...

Taga man said...

that one girl is so hot!