Monday, January 22, 2007

Attack of the Op-Eds!

People who aren't on the A-K portion of Tina Sablan's email contacts will have no idea what Jaime Vergara is talking about in his Letter to the Editor today. Too bad.

There is nothing more exciting than hearing your name or your words mentioned out of context. Just ask John Kerry. Oh well. I guess people will come up with their own ideas, so no point in explaining Jaime's context.

This is my offiical statement concerning this issue:

"I voted for the SPAM before I voted against it."

In other Letter to the Editor news, Marites Castillo had a great one today, reprinted here without her permission:

I am the president of MOVER and the Friends of the Mariana Islands but today I am writing as a concerned member of the CNMI community. The CNMI is going through a time of political and social convulsions not known here since the formation of the Commonwealth. While many causes of our convulsions have been generated by external forces (airline/tourist reductions, garment industry free trade agreements and a Democrat-controlled Congress) we are not powerless to determine our own futures.

Amid the doom and gloom we should remember that we have examples of the community and its people working together on projects for the good of out islands. They do this without either personal gain or political agendas being part of the projects! In particular, my personal experience with the Beautify CNMI! coalition has demonstrated how people representing all parts of the CNMI community can work together despite their differences in origin and social status. I have seen how business leaders, politicians, government officials, people of local descent, people from the U.S. and non-\resident workers give their time and energy to literally work side-by-side on projects that clean up and beautify the CNMI. These project touch all people in the Commonwealth in subtle ways, for even to just drive by areas of Saipan that have been cleaned or beautified must touch people on at least a subconscious level.

The people of the Commonwealth have different opinions and hope for different outcomes on the divisive issues of immigration control, minimum wage changes and other economic and social struggles; even so we should not forget how at times literally thousands of PEOPLE who live here can come together, work together and rejoice together as their collective efforts do in fact beautify the Island of Saipan and the lives of all those who live or visit our Islands.

Marites A. Castillo
MOVER president

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Mona said...

I don't understand why they print half of the soapbox fluff Vergara dishes out.

"...action groups gel like island dance troupes.." - confusing simile say what?