Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beach Road

With a federal takeover of immigration and labor looming, an economic meltdown on the horizon, and a multitude of other problems outlined in Tina Sablan's LTE, the Senate spent most of this morning's session debating name changes to two of Saipan's roads.

I'm not kidding. You can't make stuff like this up.

The Senate voted unanimously to change the name of Beach Road to Bishop Road. Micro Beach Drive will be changed to Larry Drive. Again, I'm not kidding. I've tried before, but you seriously can't make stuff like this up.

In other news:

Beach Road Magazine will change it's name to Bishop Magazine. The girls on the cover are going to trade their bikinis for nun costumes (do they have a name?) habits.

OK, I made that part up. See how it's not funny? The truth is funnier than the joke.

Oh yeah, this isn't funny either.


Angry Sicilian said...

Nuns wear Habits... but in other questions, is it make stuff like this up or can't make up stuff like this?

Kadukunlahi said...

Yup, this isn't funny at all.

Anonymous said...

is this what they do? sit up there from 730-430 and think of stuff like these? I wonder what the bishop thinks?