Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Blow Pop Economy

Half way through the ninth grade, I left my private Jesuit high school in Massachusetts and transferred to a public high school in Florida. It was quite a change and, at first, I hated every minute of it.

Creating a business helped break me out of my rut. Except for the paper route I had during the summer before the 8th grade, my first job was selling Charms Blow Pops between classes at the Winter Park High School Ninth Grade Center.

Creating this "business" presented me with new challenges, such as "how can I sell more Blow Pops?" When I overcame those challenges, they became successes. It is difficult to stay depressed when you are successful.

Selling Blow Pops also earned me an income, which I used to do the things that I buying video games and CDS. It is difficult to stay depressed when you start gaining independence and financial freedom like I was.

...and I stumbled into it accidentally.

When we moved to Florida, I sulked for at least an entire month in the way that only a 13 year old going through puberty can sulk. One day while we were shopping for groceries at Costco, my Mom was feeling bad for me, so she bought me a box of Charms Blow Pops.

I don't remember exactly what my inspiration was, but I brought the box of Blow Pops to school the next day to sell. I sold them for a quarter each. At the end of the day I had sold the entire box. I went home with $25 worth of quarters in my pocket.

I used my profits to buy another box of Blow Pops...and continued this cycle for the rest of the school year. Every morning I brought about 100 Blow Pops to school with me and in the afternoon I went home with $25 in quarters in my pocket.

With an initial investment of $5, which was donated by my Mom, I was able to net about $20 per day for several consecutive months. I reinvested my revenue to buy more Blow Pops and used my profits to buy CDs and video games...lots of CDs and video games.

...and that is how the CNMI is going to break out of the economic slump she is currently experiencing. We can sit around and keep waiting to hit the lottery, or we can act now, start small, and grow big.

...and before we know it we'll be able to buy more CDs and video games.

(Thank you FK for the inspiration to write this)


Steve Austerity 6MILLION$ IN DEBT said...

Ahhh... Inspiration, soooo contageous.

Mona said...

I would have hired minions to do the selling. How do minions figure into a Blow Pop Economy?