Saturday, January 06, 2007

Colorblind as a whatever animal is colorblind

The colorblind thing came up at today's Navy Hill Lighthouse cleanup. That's right, folks, I am colorblind.

Do you see the three pictures above? According to, the one on the left is what normal people see. The other two are what colorblind people see (there are different types of colorblindness). They all look EXACTLY the same to me. I've been told that non-colorblind people think they look different. I can't tell.

Click HERE for more info on colorblindness


Mom said...

Kevin took your test and we confirmed he is also colorblind. Is Alex?

seagor said...

They all look the same to me too! Damn recessive gene!

Most of the O'Connor grandson's are colorblind: Angelo, Sean, Bobby, & Kevin all are.

Don't know about Alex, Mikey, Joey, or Philip.

The Saipan Blogger said...

Are Mikey and Joey old enough to drop the -ey. Can't we just call them Mike and Joe now?

seagor said...

No, the -eys are forever.