Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Friday Night

Garapan BarFriday night was the night that I locked myself out of the house. Since I locked myself out of the house, I also locked myself out of the car.


So I took a Tropical Island Transportation Service cab (285-TITS) to Garapan. The person I was supposed to hang out with no showed, but I found Joe, Eran (sp?), Melissa, Morgan and Gin.



Mona said...

I started giggling so hard over 285-TITS, I thought I would go into a seizure. But that's because my seven-month-old is more mature than I am.

Saipan Chamoale said...

We have Mr. Mel Pangelinan to thank for that acronym. It is actually a great service. I've started using them when I know that I'll be drinking. I'd rather pay $3 each way than end up with a $3000 DUI.

...but a DUI might help me be President some day. Maybe I should shoot an old man in the face...