Thursday, January 04, 2007

Friends and Family Links

Who are those people on the left hand column of this blog?

Akita Asuka

Asuka was one of my ex-girlfriend's third year students at Fukuoka High School in Toyama-ken. The year before we lived in Japan, Asuka lived in Ohio as a foreign exchange student. She was even Homecoming Queen! Asuka currently attends University at Akita International University.

Altamonte Al (aka Lil' Bro)

Like most of my little brothers, Alex is a lot bigger than me. He's been able to beat me up for a good 10 years now. He lives in Florida with my niece Tiana.

Chicago Steve

Steve and I graduated from Rollins College in 2004. After graduation we worked together during the League of Conservation Voters Environmental Victory Project...where I nicknamed him the Angry Sicilian. We lost the election and the state, but at least we won our just over 800 votes. Team Red!

Kashyyyk Chewy

Chewbacca is a Wookie from the planet Kashyyyk.

Saipan Bev

I met Beverly online. She is a dental assistant and SDA missionary in Saipan. She has lived in Saipan for a few months. I've only met her in person three times, but unknown to her, I have plans to turn her into my diving buddy.

Saipan Bree and Doug

Bree and Doug work for PSS. Bree is a teacher and Doug is a counselor. Holy cow are they awesome! They have lived in Saipan for about a year.

Saipan Deece

I met Deece (prounounced like the city between Virginia and Maryland) online. She works at an unknown government agency with an unknown person, let's call her Merced. I've only met her in person twice.

Saipan Diana

Diana yells at me all the time for linking to her livejournal. Now everyone on Saipan knows all about her life. We went to Rollins College together, where she was my ex-girlfriend's roommate. She moved out to Saipan this past August to teach Second Grade...sucker.

Saipan Melissa

I met Melissa online. She claims that one of the reasons she moved to Saipan was because of The Saipan Blog. She is a lawyer with the AGO and just moved to Saipan a few months ago. I've only met Melissa in person twice.

Saipan Missy

I met Melissa online. She's having a baby! Her and her husband (a fellow treehugger) moved to Saipan about a year ago (I think). I've only met Missy in person once. We were in an elevator and I said, "um, do you have a blog?" That's why they call me Mr. Smooth.

Saipan Walt

I met Walt online. He moved to Saipan about a month before I did and at that time, his blog was the only one published from Saipan that I could find. Walt is one of those guys that gets put into my "really cool guy" category. We have big plans for bringing this island into the Internet age.

Seattle Mona

I met Mona online. I don't know if she found me or I found her. We've never met, but her sister is married to a good friend's boyfriend's brother. I think.

Takaoka Laura

Laura is a JET in Takaoka. I met her the day before my ex-girlfriend left for Japan. I met her again when I got to Japan. I met her yet again when she visited Saipan in August.

Toyama Tony

I was almost Tony's coworker, but I decided to give up on teaching English in Japan and moved to Saipan instead. He writes in the Queen's best English...and has a crush on EJ.

Winter Park Amy

Amy has been blogging since before blogging was cool (OK, so has Mona). Amy and I actually went to Rollins together...I think. I didn't meet her at Rollins though, I met her at LCV. Team Red!

Winter Park Mom

She gave me life, what else can I say?

Other people who have blogs, but who have since stopped updating and are thus unworthy of a link, are AGO Joe, who lived in Saipan this summer (we also met online), my cousin Jill, who lives in England, my cousin Sean and Uncle Bob, who both live in Massachusetts, and my friend John, who I also met at LCV (Team Red!)

I think that's just about everybody. Let me know if I left you out! Want to be added? I have a simple rule: link to me and I'll link to you.


Bev said...

Forehead, you've got way too much time on your hands.

Joe said...

maybe I need to start a new blog...

Missy said...

Hey Mr. Smooth...we still never found "Old Man By The Sea". Not exactly like I can go hiking now though.

Maybe in a couple of months you can show us.

: )

Deece said...

Hey thanks - there are a coupla blogs you linked that I haven't been able to read for a while.

Oh, and I think you're referring to a city that has the same initials as my first name...but I actually pronounce Deece like Peace.

seagor said...

It's true, I am unworthy!

Saipan Chamoale said...

Serious? Do you know how many people have told me that your name is Dee See? OK, maybe just a few, but enough for me to think it was your name.

I will commit seppuku at dawn for bringing this shame upon myself and my ancestors.

Amit said...

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