Monday, January 22, 2007

Immigration is next

"In contrast to the hovering officials of Saipan, who couldn't even wait for us to finish tying the docklines before beginning the paperwork, the Hong Kong officials gave us 24 hours to check in at their offices."
That quote was published in Latitude 38, a sailing magazine out of California. It was made by Wendy & Garth, who made a sailing voyage from Saipan to Hong Kong in 2006. In their opinion, which would appear to be unbiased and unsolicited because, heck, they are writing for a sailing magazine, they seem to think that the immigration people in the CNMI are doing their job better than the immigration people in Hong Kong.

This is, of course, just a captain and his (or is it her?) first mate's one-time experience with CNMI immigration. A mainland politician who received 2/3 of his PAC money from Labor unions could argue that this incident was the exception rather than the rule, while a status quo politician in the CNMI could argue that this sailing magazine article proves beyond a doubt that CNMI immigration is nearly flawless.

I'm sure the answer lies somewhere in the middle. As always, I fault the liberal media and the blame America first crowd.

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