Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Other Saipan Blog

Ed Stephens Jr, the Saipan Tribune's Friday columnist, has started a Nice name! How'd you think of it?

From reading his column each week, I've picked up that Ed is kind of, um, let's say, a little critical of the CNMI at times. Along with Ruth Tighe, Harry Blalock, and Bruce Bateman, he is one of those local weekly columnists who do not shy away from letting people know how they see things...and how things should be done instead.

Perhaps because of my involvement with the We Love Saipan Network, people sometimes see me as the type of person who only thinks that only so-called positive things should be published online about Saipan.

Not true.

Although they don't always write about how great it is to live in Saipan, to varying degrees, I think that these four columnists are great additions to the fabric of our community. We live in a very close knit community and a lot of people are afraid to stand up to the status quo. Again, to varying degrees, these four columnists provide a great service to the community by writing things that most people wouldn't have the guts to write.

Let's see how this tranfers over to the blogosphere.

Ed, if you're reading this, I hope that you'll consider jumping on board the We Love Saipan Network. Not only will you be a great addition to our network of local bloggers, but it will also help drive traffic to your site. Also, if you add a link to the other Saipan blog (i.e. this one) on your blog, I'll add a link to Saipan Ed under my Friends & Family heading.

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