Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tigger Didn't Do It!

Watch this video of a family getting their picture taken with Tigger at Walt Disney World. The punk kid and his family are suing Disney; They claim that Tigger assaulted the boy.

As someone who wore that costume for several summers, I know that Tigger is one of the most abused characters in the Magic Kingdom. Tim and Robb at Sand Castle, who both worked in Entertainment, can back me up on that (small world, huh?).

It looks to me like the kid was either trying to grab the zipper that would open up the costume or was trying to pull out the neck fur that connects the mask to the rest of the costume...and the fact that the punk kid is making a fist tells me that he was up to no good.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the kid was able to pull open Tigger's costume? It looks like Tigger was just trying to defend the integrity of the Disney Magic.

That family should be banned from Disney for life.


Mona said...

I thought it looked like Tigger had tripped and was just trying to hold onto the boy, not socking him. I think the family is milking it with their waaambulance crap.

And this clip has nothing on the Euro Disney "orgy" video.

Bev said...

poor tigger =( He's Innocent! That kid looked like he was up to no good.