Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Two in a Row!

Yesterday Walt wrote about how to blog and then, boom, the next day the Tribune writes a story about a new blog. I applaud thier efforts in getting their blog out I want 50 more people to start one.

...and to link to the We Love Saipan Network.

After that I would suggest that all bloggers:

  1. Add a sitemeter to your blog. I have two sitemeters on my blog, they both do different things better than the other.
  2. Add Google or Yahoo ads to your blog. You might think this is selling out. It is not. Google and Yahoo match keywords in your blog to words that advertisers think will sell their products. For example, Fiesta Resort and World Resort, which both advertise online, probably look for the keywords "saipan" or "saipan vacation" on a website on which they want to advertise. Even on my blog, the ads are constantly changing as I write about different topics. The ads just give readers more relevent content. Check Walt's blog for more.
  3. Register with every search engine out there. This can be done from
  4. Add Meta tags to your template
  5. Add ALT tags to your photographs
  6. Use specific proper nouns instead of pronouns. For example, write about Boiga irregularis, not "Guam snakes." You'll get more search engine hits that way.
  7. Ping search engines when you post an entry
  8. Exchange links with other bloggers. Not only will those bloggers probably start reading your blog, but that bloggers' readers might start reading your blog, too. Every blog should have a blogroll or a list of links.
  9. Link to your blog within your blog as often as possible. The number of internal (as well as incoming external) links increases your pagerank.
  10. Register on Technorati. They are the authority on blogs.
  11. Get your name out there. Link to your blog from your Myspace, your other blogs, your email signature, your forum signature, and anywhere else where you have the opportunity to showcase yourself.
The number one rule, though, is to post great content. People will come back to your blog if you are funny, shocking, talented, or just plain interesting.

They also come back for pictures of Fotten Gaga Models, links to photos of disgraced beauty queens, and videos of dead dictators.


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