Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Word of the Day

di·a·tribe [dahy-uh-trahyb]
n. A bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism: repeated diatribes against the governor.


Tina Sablan wrote a 5000 word diatribe against the CNMI government and emailed it out to her entire email list. If you are reading this, there is a pretty good chance you've already read it. If you haven't, send me a note and I'll forward it I've linked to it below.

Wowzers! Tiene los cojones grandes!

Tina is a very visible person in our community and there have been rumors...but let's not go there because this blog would never stoop to the level of a gossip column.

With that said...the 2007 campaign season is off with a bang!

Let the games begin!

Vote Jedi!


Tina's letter was printed by the Marianas Variety today, is posted on the Chamorro.com website, and is being printed by the Saipan Tribune as a three part series.

Another Edit:

Pacific Magazine writes the following:

It is likely that 2007 will be a pivotal year in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The U.S. possession's economy remains in a free-fall, with no one sure when bottom will be hit. Expectations are that the remaining handful of garment factories on Saipan will be closed by this time next year. Tourism is on the skids, with arrivals from Japan, the group's major market by a significant margin, off by 25 percent from year earlier levels. Social problems are on the rise, particularly as the fate of some 40,000 alien workers (more than half of the CNMI's resident population) remains unclear.

And now, the U.S. Congress is almost certain to include the Northern Marianas under federal minimum wage regulations and impose Washington's control over immigration and labor. Those three factors have led to much of the CNMI's current problems -- an overreliance on cheap foreign labor and a resulting lack in opportunities for locals -- but also made the group competitive compared to other U.S. jurisdictions.

As the CNMI struggles to find a way forward, Tina Sablan, an indigenous resident of Saipan who works for the commonwealth government and is active in civic affairs, has written an essay on how the islands should face an uncertain future. Pacific Magazine is running Sablan's essay in full, as we feel it puts into sharp focus the reasons for the CNMI's current malaise, and what decisions need to be made:
I've already linked to her essay, but here it is again.


Deece said...

It looks like the variety printed the whole thing. Dear People of the Commomwealth

jake said...

Tina- the lady with the balls. Go girl! show them how it should be done.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is not only criticizing the government but everyone that put them in power over the years and continues to do so. About time the community started to take responsibility.

Also, posted on Pacific Magazines site: http://www.pacificislands.cc/

Angry Sicilian said...

How busy will you be from June 22nd - July 9th?

The Saipan Blogger said...

Hoover, I'm sure Tina appreciates your description of her.