Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have a new moniker.

Walt's been begging me to reserve the url for about a month. I didn't do it soon enough and the other Saipan Blog snatched it up. Doh!

I shrugged it off, mainly because I know that pictures of Fotten Gaga Models and Diana's Chuukese Love Burn will always be more popular than ex-pats bitching about life in paradise (Ed, you can use that for your blog description if you want: "Four Ex-pats bitch about Life in Paradise").

Walt, who would probably be my Life Coach if I ever had the money to pay him, didn't shrug it off. He went ahead and reserved (that's me!) and redirected it to this website.

Thanks, Walt! To show my appreciation I went ahead and made it my myspace name, too (

So anyways, in a previous post I said that I would post another picture from the Fotten Gaga fashion show at Ocean's if someone left a comment asking for one. Well, someone asked. Here's Deryielle, who has a really big boyfriend:

DeryielleI'll post another picture of the Fotten Gaga Models if I get a comment asking for one.

P.S. Hey Ed, although I might sound snarky, I'm actually helping you out by linking to you. Who knows, maybe we can create some blog beef akin to Biggy vs Tupac, Paris Vs Nicole, or Fitial vs Pelosi...or something like that.

Random Fact of the Day: Mel Martinez (R-FL), who sits on the Senate Commitee on Energy and Natural Resources, sends his son to the same school that my little brother and sister, Kevin and Catie, attend. Lt. Gov Tim, the next time you testify in front of his committee will you ask him to say hi to my Mom?

Random Thought of the Day: Doesn't R-FL look a lot like ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing?

Random Clarification of the Day: I support an increase in the minimum wage; I do not support the federal government imposing on our sovereignity. This issue is starting to get more coverage by the way. The Federal Takeover hit the pages of the Washington Post today.

Random Photo of the Day: Click HERE to see a photo of Saddam Hussein's cat. Thank you (or shame on you), Brad, for the link.


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Morgan said...

Can you please post more high-res photos of Adrienne and Michelle.