Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Blogger Meeting

The ever increasing stable of We Love Saipan bloggers will be meeting for our second meetup at Java Joe's this Wednesday at 7 PM. The meetup is totally informal. We just sit around with our laptops avoiding eye contact and emailing each other.

Just kidding.

But seriously people, anyone interesting in blogging is welcome to attend. We exchange blogging ideas and links, help each other with html and formatting, drink coffee, eat buffalo wings, make fun of me (incessantly), and generally have a good time.

Last month we created three new blogs, so you don't have to be a blogger to attend. We'll help you get started. You just have to have an interest in blogging and we'll go from there.

Speaking of blogs, there are a few others out there (besides the Beautify CNMI! Blog and the Hafa Adai Coral Reef Outreach Blog) that I've been posting to, for well, about two years. I've neglected them for the last few months, but I want to get them going again.

Here they are:



Daily OSB

If only I had some free time...


Aya said...

I think I need to go there cause my blog is so messy and I don't know how to fix it!!
Junji is great but I almost give up!!

bradinthesand said...

I am here at Java Joe's right now! Can't call me late, just 24 hours early. See you guys tomorrow.

Steve said...

Hey, even the volcanic ash won't keep me away. See everyone then. -Steve (