Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Check me out tomorrow

I'm going to be featured in the Marianas Variety tomorrow. It is an article written for teenager types by a kid who graduated from Marianas High School last year. His name is Bernard.

This is the picture I gave them for the article. Not quite Blue Steel, but it will suffice.

I'm not really sure what to expect from the article.

He asked me questions about the "good old days" and what it was like going to high school back in the 1990's. Ouch! Come on, I only graduated from high school 11 years ago! Am I really that old?

That question reminds of something one of my restaurant managers used to say. When we asked him a question he would answer, "if you have to ask, then the answer is probably YES," to which I would respond, "should I clock out and go home?"

< / anecdote >

So yeah, I guess I really am that old. Whoever said that "you are only as old as the girl you are dating" was lying.

Oh well, here's a video of an anonymous PSS teacher shaking her butt at Club V:


.mymy` said...

Hey! you're not that old. [ithink?]

Well you still look good is wat matters! =) hehe.

& that video was funny!
how embarrassing though.

bradinthesand said...

No way. No way. From judge to the judged. Too funny "anonymous" dancer. Keep shakin' what your mom gave ya. Who cares that you got last place. At least you made me laugh today!

Deece said...

It's not blue steel but it's still a picture to be featured in the paper that shows a beer in your hand. Well, sorta...whatever, we all know it's there.

KAP said...

Sounds like a Photoshop moment. Lose the beer, oh example to youth.

Angelo said...

Beer? What beer? I only see a Bible.

Mona said...

Is there a link to this?

The Saipan Blogger said...

I posted it HERE