Wednesday, February 07, 2007

If you do one thing this weekend...

...go to the airport at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon.

VFW sets vigil and flag presentation for Emul

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #3457 will hold a vigil and flag presentation when the remains of Marine Lance Corporal Adam Quitugua Emul arrives at the Francisco Ada International Airport on Saturday, Feb. 10.

VFW members, families and friends led by Post Commander Mariano Fajardo will stage the vigil and flag presentation at the exit intersection of the airport.

As the remains of Emul passes the group, the VFW will dip the services flags and present arms.

“The VFW wants to express its appreciation for our fallen comrade's ultimate sacrifice. We will miss him dearly and he will never be forgotten,” said the VFW in a statement issued yesterday.

The VFW invites the entire community to join the vigil.

“Please be at the airport at 2:15pm. We ask that you bring flags and banners to be raised as the remains pass by. We also encourage participants to bring refreshments and umbrellas, in the event of inclement weather,” the VFW statement said.

Vehicles are to be parked alongside the road, facing the remains and its entourage. “We ask all participants to also turn on their blinking lights.”

The Department of Public Safety will be on site to direct traffic.

Prior to this, there will be a reception for Emul's remains inside the airport that will be limited to family, friends and selected officials.

Emul was killed in action on Jan. 29 in Al-Anbar, a province in Iraq.

Emul's memorial service will be held on Feb. 13, starting at 6am at the Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Memorial Chapel. The funeral cortege will proceed to Mt. Carmel Cathedral at 7am where a Responsorio Service, holy rosary and a public viewing will be held.

At 11am, a Mass will be celebrated, followed by interment at the Veterans Cemetery at 12 noon.

Adam, who was supposed to celebrate his 21st birthday this March 7, was from Tanapag.

Emul is the fourth soldier from the CNMI killed in Iraq. Sgt. Yihjyh “Eddie” Chen, 31, was killed in 2004, while SSG Wilgene T. Lieto, 28, and SPC Derence Jack, 31, were killed in Iraq in October 2005.


bradinthesand said...

I was there on my birthday when two friends whom I've never met returned home on Nov. 9, 2005.

I stood saluting along the roadside with a tear in my eye as two fellow servicemen came home after giving their being to their country.

Once again, I will be there to honor their service and memory on Saturday when I welcome yet another friend whom I've never met.

They gave their all so that we may be free. Without a doubt these fine men are heroes.

They knew that the day might come when the call to arms would sound. It came and they answered the call of duty valiantly.

I am sorry we never shared a handshake or a beer, but I'll gladly thank you for my freedom with an embrace when my time on Earth is done.

Honor, Sons of the Pacific, honor.

Saipan Writer said...

I'll pray for Marine Lance Corporal Emul, but I won't be there.

I think the war in Iraq is wrong. The death is a waste of God-given life--it's not honorable, it's not heroic. It's sinful.

Until we start getting the message to our sons and daughters in the CNMI that they have other options besides participating in the war machine, we will continue to mourn the useless death of young, beautiful people.

I won't be there, because I don't want anyone to think I support the war, support the military mentality that honors death more than life.

I'll pray.

Kadukunlahi said...

People don't have to believe in the war if they choose not to. But never, I stress never, think that the death of a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, etc. is not Honorable or Heroic.

Support the Troops. They overwhelmingly deserve it.

The Saipan Blogger said...

I have to agree with Kadukunlahi. Lance Corporals don't get to make the decision to go to war. They just go.

The families of the soldiers that are shipped off to war don't get to make the decision to go to war either. They just watch as their loved ones are shipped off and hope to God that they come home safe.

Presidents make the decision to go to war and it is up to the citizens in this country to let Presidents know when they make very deadly mistakes.

Along with 70% of America, I do not support the war in America, but I will honor the lives of every fallen soldier and show support to their families.

You can support the warriors without supporting the war.