Monday, February 26, 2007

Volcano Day

Anatahan VolcanoThe kids were sent home from some of the CNMI Public Schools at 9 AM today, because, get this, the volcano on Anatahan is erupting! The volcano, which is 75 miles north of us, is spewing out ash and a thick grey haze is covering Saipan...and let's not forget that wonderful sulphurous (that's a new word) aroma!

Here are pictures from my front (facing inland) and back (facing the ocean) porch:

Saipan Volcano HazeAnatahan Volcano HazeYeah, so some places have Snow Days. We have frickin' Volcano Days!


tetricus said...

cool but i don't really see a difference.. maybe post the same pictures once things clear up to compare?

KAP said...

Volcano not guilty, but it's a better story for the tourists.