Thursday, March 08, 2007

For the MIC Network

This is going to be posted on the blog of Micronesians in Island Conservation:

Hafa Adai, I'm Angelo Villagomez and I am the new (and first!) Executive Director for the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance. Depending on who you ask, I am either a Chamorro born American or an American educated Chamorro. Both are true. Take your pick.

My Mom is an American from the East Coast and my Dad is a Chamorro from Saipan. Although I was born here, I left Saipan when I was 3 years old. I visited a few times over the years, but I can't say that I ever lived here until recently.

This is where I lived just a little over a year ago:

Angelo VillagomezDon’t you just love Japan?

After 24 years living in the US, England, and Japan, I returned to Saipan last April to work on a coral reef outreach project with the Marianas Resource Conservation & Development Council. The goal of the year long project is to involve the local community, especially coral reef stakeholders, in the management of our coral reefs. I also help coordinate an environmental coalition of government, community groups, businesses, and individuals called Beautify CNMI! I am the Chairman of the Beautify CNMI! Restoration Committee. The Restoration Committee plants trees, cleans up litter and illegal dumpsites, and restores hiking trails, and natural, historical, and tourist sites.

As for my education, I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Richmond in 2000. College was so much fun that I went a second time. I received my second Bachelors in Environmental Policy from Rollins College in 2004. At Rollins College I was the 2004 Environmental Studies Student of the Year.

In my spare time I practice with the CNMI Men’s National Soccer Team (our next game is March 25 vs Guam!), SCUBA dive, promote the We Love Saipan Network, and post to my blog, The Saipan Blog.


Joe said...

Aren't Chamorros and everyone else born in the CNMI Americans, too?

Just a haole kid educated in the islands

The Saipan Blogger said...

They are now. Wasn't always in 1949 when my Dad was born. Wakarimasu ka?

Pura Vida Fords said...

How coincidental you shared all this information on the same day I gave U. Richmond your blog url!

Jerry said...

Exactly 1 year ago today I landed in Japan with my Mom and Dad. You made our stay very memorable. You were the best tour guide ever!