Thursday, March 01, 2007

It is going to be a long one

Today's schedule:

4:30 AM Wake up (that's in three hours)

5:30 AM Web chat with Elementary School kids in Florida. They want to know about Environmentalism as a career, the recent volcano eruption/asian smog crisis, and being on the CNMI Men's National Football Team

6:00 AM I've got some writing to do for work. Should be fun. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

10:00 AM Meeting with Jesus C. Borja. That's right. Jesus is my Boss.

1:00 PM Meeting up on Capital Hill.

4:30 PM Soccer Practice

8:00 PM Soccer Fundraiser at Porky's. We have to take turns watching the door. I'm going to try to go first so that I can go home early and go to bed.


I'm pretty stoked about all the new bloggers on this island. I've got 17 of you linked in my Saipan Bloggers section right now (not to mention my other blogs Chopsticks, Daily OSB, Beautify CNMI!, Hafa Adai, Welcome to Saipan!, and Save the Grotto).

I'm noticing a lot of you leaving comments on this and other blogs begging for links. If you want me to link to you and I haven't done so yet, just leave me a comment. If I deem you worthy, I'll add a link (all you have to do is update your blog once in a while). With that said, Mom, you are hereby put on notice: Update your blog or get deleted. The same goes for you, Little Brother.


Steve said...

Man, you're strict. :)

KAP said...

Comment? Comment? I don't have to leave no stinkin comment.

OK, so I'm begging to be deemed worthy.

KAP said...

Yer mom? Sheesh!

The Saipan Blogger said...

Oh yeah, you have to link to me too.

KAP said...

Been, there....

Kadukunlahi said...

I'm not on the island, but can you still get me linked up?

The Saipan Blogger said...

Yeah, I'll do it this weekend