Thursday, March 29, 2007

Off to Guam in 24 Hours

The CNMI Men's and Women's Soccer teams are flying to Guam on the 8:30 AM flight tomorrow morning. We're all spending the night at the Guam Fiesta Hotel. The women play Guam on Sunday at 3 PM and the guys play Guam at 6 PM.

I'm pumped for the game...but I'm even more excited about the prospect of eating at Burger King. Mmmmmmm.......Whopper. I might also have to go to TGI Friday's for some Buffalo Wings and an Oreo Madness. We'll see....oh yeah, and let's not forget about Taco Bell...and Outback Steakhouse...and Roy's...

Too bad we're only going for two days.

One last thing: some of us were in the paper today.


CNMI Blogger said...

Angelo and Team CNMI--

May the Jedi Force be with you all! What time do you get back? GO! GO! GO, TEAM CNMI! We'll be cheering for you all!!!!

Troops 2 Teachers are having their first Beautify activity with the Energy Office and my office on Monday morning. Hope you will have enough energy to join us in this inaugural launching of yet another successful partnership!

Bev said...

I'd like to say "good job" instead of "nice try" when you come back . . . so, score one for Team BC!

EJ said...

Good luck in Guam.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man Good Luck! And Good Luck Team CNMI!