Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We have our first ultra right wing blogger!

I thought that the Other Saipan Blog was going to be Saipan's Right Wing Blog. Nope. Those guys have more of an independent streak that tends to lean kind of right when it is really windy; they're not truly Right Wing.

Island Crusader is Right Wing. Super Ultra Mega Vast Right Wing...but I won't say nut job. See? I didn't say it.

Let me get this straight (I'm going to paraphrase every single one of your posts into a single sentence): DC Democrats want to destroy our way of life because they hate us?

Hmmm....where have I heard that type of reasoning before? Let me see.....

Oh, I remember! The Bush Administration! The terrorists want to destroy our way of life because they hate us. They hate our freedom.

Do you think that equating DC Democrats with Al-Qaeda is going to make them (the Democrats, not the terrorists) more or less likely to want to work with the people of the CNMI?

That type of name calling is childish, immature, and gets us no where (note: I didn't actually say "nut job" above). Referring to "outdated and isolated" incidents when you know damn well that every "nightclub" in Garapan is a whore house is more than a little insincere, too.

I admit that your arguments are emotional and probably sound great to people out here with a distaste for the Federal Government, but how do you think you sound to someone that first hears about Saipan by reading a post on Daily Kos? How about when that person googles Saipan and finds Saipan Sucks? Don't you sound like one of the Saipan Pirates? Haven't you marginalized yourself by painting yourself into the Pirate (argh!) corner?

Sure, you sound great to the 30 anti-American people on Saipan that find your blog, but you sound like a total asshole (notice that I didn't call you a name, I just said that you sound like an asshole) to the rest of the world.

With that said, here are my suggestions:

1. You're not Ann Coulter. Drop the snark.
2. Stop the name calling.
3. Follow the money.
4. Research better. Don't use the local papers as a resource.
5. Don't mention the Pirates (argh!). If you mention the pirates, you lose. Talk about your Uncle Joe the farmer and Auntie Marie the nurse.
6. Don't attack people that are on your side (Cohen is a Republican).
7. Stop talking about American Samoa. If you read papers published elsewhere, you'd know that issue has already been resolved. They're not exempt. Get over it.
8. Offer a better solution.

And before this turns into attack the Saipan Blogger, keep in mind that this blog is more about posting pictures of Fotten Gaga models. I just throw in politics every once in a while so that lawyers from Guam can attack my personal life.


The Saipan Blogger said...

I am going to answer every comment with this:

"Thank you for commenting. The people of the CNMI living in my apartment appreciate your input."

bradinthesand said...

Ha ha ha. Love the reply. So who is Sarah Miel, anyway?

bradinthesand said...

Oh, and I don't think she's right wing, I just think she's complaining based in one direction. She may be bashing the DC Dem's but it seemed to be more reactionary based on only one site.
If she put in more time reading and less time riling then she could be considered a "winger."
Sounds like she is a young girl with a chip on her shoulder. She wants to fight to get what's best for the CNMI (I think) but I don't think she knows who to fight with yet.

Sarah Miel said...

Saipan Blogger, Thank you for your posts and your blog. I am refreshed in that you have finally paid attention to me! I pick up trash and I'm ignored. I write a spirited blog and I'm adored. :-)

I'm not necessarily a right winger -- but with regard to the current climate in DC and the mud hurling the DC Dems are doing -- we need to keep it balanced.

I'm not trying to be an Ann Coulter, but more of a Gin Gridley. She seems to be getting more attention on my blog than I do.

Oh, BradInTheSand, I do read quite a bit. I just finished "Man's Search For Meaning," a wonderful book on existentialism written by a gentleman who was in a Nazi concentration camp.

I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover. The internet is a museum, my blog a canvas. You all love my art.

Deep down, you all want me.

dengre said...

Good to see that IC is in the house. She has all the factual accuracy of the big bloggers and commentators from the VRWC on the mainland.

I’m glad to see that her mind is made up.

Her entries are amazing in their own right—so many errors of fact, so many leaps of logic, and so many non-connections presented as fact. It is a shame that’s there is so little time to correct them all.

If she keeps this up, the term Pirates of Saipan could be mistakenly applied to everybody on the CNMI. That would be a shame, as the Pirates are a minority, just a small collection of scoundrels selling out the guest-workers as well as the native Chamorro and Carolinian peoples for power and profit. The “DC Democrats” and all the people of the CNMI share a common goal in a desire to end the cycle of abuse and build a sustainable economy that works for all the people who call the CNMI home.

I would hate to break it to IC, but I do not think cleansing the islands of long term guest workers without due process is a “good thing”. Sure it works for Ben-Tan, but he is likely getting a piece of the action.

On the other hand I'm glad that she’s reading Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning—great book and a sign that there may be more to IC than thin logic and light research.

Good on you for calling her out on the silliness.

The most amusing thing is that if we were all sitting around having a pint at the end of a great bar-b-que and discussing the CNMI, we might find we agree on more points than we disagree.



ps: I see you have found the I love Karl Rove Diary. I remember this entry from a 1-22-04 visit to Iowa. Her other work is worth a look as well…

bradinthesand said...

Sarah, I like you better already...

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

People in the CNMI vastly overestimate their importance in the states. Other than war buffs, scuba divers and 20/20 viewers, no one really even knows we exist. So the federalization thing is of little useful political advantage to anyone. George Miller, about the only one to pay any attention to this place, happens to think $3.05 is a disgrace. Most people here feel the same way.

If her blog is adored, it is by all the wrong people -- the ones who can eke out a little more profit from this already "destroyed" economy on the backs of third world workers when the unemployment and welfare rate among locals here is staggering.

Saipan Writer said...

Angelo, I just stopped by to say that I finally figured out how to post photos on my blog (and hope I've got the glitch worked out of my wireless connections at friendly cafes like Java Joes).

But my photo success hardly compares to a right wing blogger!

Still, if you want to see what a liberal democrat in Saipan is up to, stop by my blog. My political rants are interspersed with other stuff, on books, writing, and drama--the good stuff for me.

KAP said...

I thought you said it would stop raining today. It's all your fault.

The Saipan Blogger said...

I will commit seppuku at dawn in the garden by the stream

The Saipan Blogger said...

and because I promised it earlier:

Thank you for commenting. The people of the CNMI living in my apartment appreciate your input.

Sarah Miel said...

I can tell you are a man of great qualities and sophisticated taste.

I'm a fulltime lifeguard, a part time model and enjoy engaging banter. My shampoo leaves a fresh scent of lemon basil and I enjoy dancing on the beach with nothing but my IPod on (only in Tinian -- the tourists are unpredictable on Saipan).

Men are in search of me and I do not dare drink beer from a bottle. I do not like being around people who smoke, but find men with lighters on the ready intriguing.

The other day when it was raining, I stopped by DFS. I sat on a couch near the piano and waited in anticipation. Would a striking man gracefully hop the rope line and play (the piano, puhleeezzzze ~rolling eyes~) and serenade me?

But alas, no princes were there. If you find me picking up trash on the beach, helping the islands, please offer a wink.

Ciao, bellas! :-)