Monday, March 05, 2007

We Love Saipan Network Update

I just received this email from my good friend Walt:

Hey all!

According to my search at 7:15am March 6, 2007 (Chamorro Standard Time) the site came in at position 18* in the listings!

This is the first time that we've appeared on the SECOND PAGE of listings in a search for "saipan!" I repeat: THE SECOND PAGE!

For those of you are new to the mission, or who aren't as excited as I am about such things, keep in mind that when I uploaded the site on Dec 6, 2006, it appeared at position 155 (page 16), and now, exactly 3 months later, we're almost on the first page!

Being on the first page of listings for search engine searches is not typically a simple thing to achieve. But once WE achieve it, it will offer a significant way to achieve more international exposure of a positive nature as to the people and life here in the CNMI! And that, my friends, as new arrival on Saipan's shores exactly one year ago (Feb 23 2006) was my original intention and mission from the onset.

In addition, the link from to YOUR site will provide a prominent portal for people to visit YOUR individual sites, thus increasing YOUR site visits, and your opportunity to earn money or fame! :-) But not only that, because WeloveSaipan is now a "PR4" site (geekspeak), a link from us helps to raise your blog's ranking and position as well. (People typically pay good money to be linked to a site with PR4 or higher rank; see the bottom links on my site for examples of this.)

I'd like to thank Angelo Villagomez for working with me on this, for his tireless efforts in supporting and promoting the cause, listing the site in various places, and for the link from his world-famous blog which helped jumpstart our popularity and subsequent rise to prominence! :-) (Angelo's blog appears anywhere from position 9 to 11, also on its way to the top!)

So, thanks to each and every one of you for your support!

As we say in Jamaica, "Big tings a gwan!"
Great things are happening!)

Keep spreading the word!


*Until we get firmly ensconced in the listings, the search engine position will fluctuate from day to day, and the position you see may also vary slightly based on the browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, AOL, etc.) you use.
It looks like we'll have We Love Saipan and The Saipan Blog towards the top of search engine results pretty soon. The next phase will be to bring along the rest of the We Love Saipan members with us. Who will it be? Right now Side Orders comes in at #88, The Scent of Green Bananas (a Guam food blog) comes in at #91, Hafa Adai, Welcome to Saipan comes in at #92, Saipan Writer comes in at #107, Hafa Adai Saipan comes in at #134, The Adventures of Diana comes in at #143, and Saipan's Beach Boy Blog comes in at #158.

We're getting there, but we've got a long way to go. Remember, our long term goal is to have the top ten websites for a google search of Saipan be We Love Saipan Network websites. We gave ourselves a year, so our deadline is December 6, 2007. My website has been popping in and out of the top 10 for about a week, so I'd say we are about 5% of the way there.

You don't neccesarily have to have a blog to be a member of We Love Saipan. You can add a link to a traditional format website, too. You also don't have to be from Saipan. You can add a link from any blog and then use the linkman form to have We Love Saipan link back to you. So, if you haven't done so yet, please add a link to We Love Saipan!

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Missy said...

Just did a google search and you are #8. WTG

: )