Sunday, March 18, 2007

The weekend is over!

I've been kind of sick for about a week now, but for the last three days I've been straight up bedridden. No kidding. I've been in bed for three days. I seriously hate life right now.

I've placed all my hopes of playing in next Sunday's game against Guam with the miracle of modern over the counter medication; I've been popping an assortment of Excedrin, Dayquil, Contact, and Vitamin C pills between cold sweats and headaches.

So who wants to bring me some chicken soup?

In other soccer news:

I've been joking for the last week or so that whether or not we win or lose against Guam in the next two weeks has become inconsequential...because we're all going to get rich packaging and marketing "Coach Ziggy Korytoski's 6 Week Weight Loss Program for Old Fat Guys."

For reals, people. About 15 pounds of my ass is spread out on the grass by the airport (A gross visual, I apologize). My beer gut has been reduced to...OK, I won't exaggerate, I still don't have a six pack. But come on, is that much weight loss healthy?

I even ran a two mile time trial in 12:02 (2 seconds short of what Ziggs calls "90 minutes fit." Dang it!). I haven't done that in a while...well, except when the team had to run the same distance a week earlier.

So hope that I get better soon and mark your calendars because...

...THIS Sunday at Ada Gym at 4 PM, the CNMI takes on Guam in their first international match!


KAP said...

Have you made a Tupac?

Oh well, I'm not big on sympathy, but think of the character you're building... as in what a character!

This from the original, no holds barred, bad-habit backslider of the Hash.

.mymy` said...

hope you get better soon =)

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Is this the 'Aw shit, I've been sick' (excuse #42B) rationalization for slow running? (:-))

Sorry to hear you have had the crud that is going around. BTW...part of your weight loss probably comes from the illness. I lost 8 pounds in the last 10 days without running a step. Same 'flu' bug is the likely culprit.

The Saipan Blogger said...

...I'm sensing a second weight loss infomercial:

"The Bubonic Plaque Weight Loss Program: Lose weight and/or die"

Bruce A. Bateman said...

We should send twenty of our sickest to the Guam Airport just to hang around until the next flight back to Saipan. Maybe we could repay Guandong Province for sending the rest of the world the bird flu.