Saturday, March 31, 2007

We're in Guam

I woke up at 3:30 AM to do laundry for the trip. Yeah, that's right, I'm a guy. I finished my laundry, packed, and got down to my Jeep with plenty of time to spare to get to our meeting place at 6 AM...only to find that my car wouldn't start.

Not a problem, I just called Tropical Island Transportation Service (285-TITS) and took a taxi.

From our meeting point, both the Men's and the Women's teams took a bus to the airport. It didn't take long to get through security and check in. With the exception of my Jeep not starting, everything went really smooth.

Our boarding passes had SPN/FOOTBALL/TEAM printed on them. How cool is that?

So naturally we stuck them on our heads and took a picture.

The flight went by quick, both because Guam is only 120 miles away and because I slept the whole way. We were met at the airport by officials from the Guam Football Federation, who loaded us onto a bus and took us to the Fiesta Hotel.

Today was mostly a day to relax. I took a nap, then joined the Men's team for lunch, then took another nap, and woke up in time for practice.

At lunch Coach wouldn't let us eat dessert. Here I am lamenting his decision:

No CheesecakeAnd here is a shot of the Women's team after their practice this afternoon:

CNMI Women's SoccerAfter practice I went with Mark, Yosh, and Pete to the Factory Outlet Mall (that's right, Guam has a Factory Outlet Mall) to get a new pair of cleats. The soles on my old cleats fell off during practice today. I picked up a new pair of Copa Mundials for $89.


We got back to the hotel in time for another team dinner, followed by our final team meeting.

We'll know the winner in less than 24 hours. I'll post the result as soon as I get back to the hotel tomorrow night. It should be around 8 PM Chamorro Standard Time.

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Kimiko said...

So, you didn't eat dessert even you had it already??!!

Have a great game!! Enjoy!! Just do it!! Ganbatte!! Don't get any injury!!!!!
I'll be cheering from miles away, and wait for your next blog.(^_^)