Sunday, April 01, 2007

Category 1

I've been using the Internet to track Typhoon King Kong's progress because I find that the local news is completely unreliable.

Kong Rey is now a Category 1 Typhoon and is forecast to be a Category 2 Typhoon when it hits Saipan tomorrow. Thanks for the info, Weather Underground!

The Marianas Variety is reporting that the storm will hit Rota TODAY at 2 PM...WRONG. Their article cites the local Emergency Management Office (EMO) as the source of this information.

The Saipan Tribune reports that the storm will pass over Rota sometime tomorrow, April 3.

Pacific Daily News is reporting that the storm will pass over Rota, but they have links to websites that are tracking the storm.

That is how I found the EMO website. They issued a press release this afternoon and now predict that the storm will pass right over Saipan/Tinian.

Shouldn't the local newspapers update this on their websites?

All of the maps on the Internet have the storm passing directly over Saipan or Tinian. The storm tracking information has changed since the local papers wrote their stories. Don't you think that if the information about a FRICKIN' TYPHOON changes that the newspapers should remove the incorrect information from their websites? Shouldn't they at least note in thier articles that the information printed in their pages is a day old or link to up to the minute information (like PDN)?

Hopefully nobody reads the Variety and thinks that the storm ended today at 2 PM because if they do, they're going to be in for one hell of a surprise tomorrow.


Steve Nguyen said...

Thanks, that 5 day outlook is what I was looking for. *Goes to update blog.*

Saipan Writer said...

You expect news updated on-line BEFORE the paper is published in hard-copy? How radical!

We do need better reporting, and we're getting it in alternative ways. The Variety and Tribune will have to catch up eventually to keep their readers. They surely aren't going to do that with the news items taken from yesterday's web, horrid comix, and (offensive, right-wing) one-sided editorials.

Juan I.Mata the pirate said...

Local newspapers schmapers. These maroons miss the target every time! Spill milk and cry over that instead.

My prediction: Kong-Rey will barely miss us to the north-east (we'll feel good strong gale force winds, still), roughen up some of the Northern Islands, steer more north-westerly and wreak havoc in SE Asia - Philippines, China, or Japan if the weather's not too cold there.

Kimiko said...

Oh, I'm off tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.....
welcome (almost) typhoon King Kong-san.

Bev said...

the news on tv reports waves at 12-15 ft high . . . will you be on the beach front attempting to video this like you did the tsnumani wave?! heh

King Kong said...

if you are keen on websites, saipan tribune has a weather link on its uppen pane navigator. it links to NWS that gives you an update...