Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Great Reading

Just to clarify: I'm not running for office.

The Saipan Tribune is an amazing read today!

We have a new Letter to the Editor from Holani Smith! How have you been, Holani? I haven't seen you since, oh wait, you're not a real person. I've never seen you! You sure do a good job of attacking Republicans for someone who doesn't exist.

We also have a Letter to the Editor from Dr. Jesus D. Camacho! For those of you who don't know, Dr. Camacho has been to the CNMI exactly one time and has a $48,000 consulting contract with the CNMI government to, um, consult with us and to write the occasional attack piece. We haven't heard from the good doctor in a while, but he makes up for his long silence by actually calling for the Washington Representative to resign. Are you kidding me? The Washington Rep. criticizes the governor and you think he should resign?

Oh wait, I almost started to defend a Republican. I'd better stop.

In political news, Senator Crisostimo officially announced that he is dropping the Democratic Party...after they dropped him. According to Agnes Donato of the Saipan Tribune:
The local Democratic Party refused to endorse Crisostimo's reelection plan because he allegedly displayed disloyalty to the party on several occasions during the 2005 campaign. The party recalled that Crisostimo had formed his own political party, had attended a GOP fundraising event, and had endorsed the candidacy of former Gov. Juan N. Babuata, who is a Republican.
Sure, he sounds like a Sheri McInvale Democrat, but come on guys, can't we all just get along?

The incumbent Senator is going to run as an Independent. The Saipan Tribune reports that he'll likely face Republican turned Independent turned Republican Representative Stanley T. Torres, Former Democratic Chair Gabriel B. Babauta, and Covenant Ramon Dela Cruz.

It's going to be a four way race!

I've met Crisostimo and Torres several times, but I don't know Babauta or Dela Cruz. I'm sure we'll get to know them better as the election progresses.

Finally, The front page has a really sad story about a soon-to-be-deported contract worker who set himself on fire at the Department of Labor Office. You read that correctly. He set himself on fire. This story would have made international headlines if it happened anywhere else.

After living and working for minimum wage for 10 years in the CNMI, he chose to take his own life over returning to Nepal. What's going on in Nepal that we don't know about? Coconut wireless reports that this poor soul is in the hospital, but isn't expected to make it. If there was ever a person whose whole body and soul needed prayer, this guy is him.

Alright, it is getting late. I'm supposed to go walking with EJ in the morning.


Saipan Writer said...

The Nepalese man is at ICU and the CNMI is working on the paperwork and details to get him medically referred to the Philippines. (Nobody reads my blog! You would have known about this yesterday morning if you did. Oh well.)

Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

You link to only two other Saipan bloggers, so I would imagine they don't have you on their links, either. I'm sure that contributes.

Saipan Writer said...

Jeff, In a way I link to all other Saipan bloggers. I have the lovely WE LOVE SAIPAN button on my page.

But thanks to your comment, I've rearranged the page elements to give it more prominence. I moved all the feedburner and library thing stuff down to the bottom of the page and moved WLS to the top of the links list. Much better.


Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

Well, We Love Saipan links to many penis enhancement pills, but not to me and other Saipan bloggers. I'm not pollyanna enough for a moniker like We Love Saipan truthfully, but I certainly agree with the premise of presenting a more balanced view than Saipan Sucks, so I happily link to We Love Saipan and support the goal. Use your blog as a tag in your email. That will help spread the word. The internet is like a book with millions, probably billions, of pages.

The Saipan Blogger said...

You guys are spoiled bloggers. There is a very vibrant community of bloggers on Saipan and if you want to be a part of it all you have to do is start leaving comments on other people's blogs.

The Saipan Blogger said...

What I mean by spoiled is that by jumping into our little community, you automatically get 20-30 readers. Take EJ for example, she started her blog a few weeks ago and is already attracted 60+ visitors per day. That just doesn't happen.

...and writer, I did read your blog yesterday morning and heard the rumor. But it wasn't confirmed until I talked to a Labor employee later that night.

SPN Lifer said...

"This story would have made international headlines if it happened anywhere else."

Actually, no. Pouring kerosene on one's head and lighting it is a very common method of suicide in Nepal. Particularly among women with abusive husbands.

Do a google search for Nepal, hospital, and "burn unit."