Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Miracles CAN happen

I almost hate to post this and bump my cool dude Beautify CNMI video down a notch, but I have amazing news. A google search for Saipan currently results in The Saipan Blog AND We Love Saipan in the top 10 results! Holy Crap! On an even better note, a certain negative website does not appear. How the hell did that happen?

I'm sure that over the next few days these two websites will drop in and out of the top 10 and that the previously mentioned negative website will reappear, but as of right now we are 20% of the way towards our goal of having the top 10 results for a google search of Saipan be We Love Saipan Network members (with 8 months remaining until our self-imposed deadline).

Fear my blogger kung-fu.


Saipan Patricia said...

YEAH, BABY!!! It's one of the main reasons I hit this site up.

Saipan Writer said...


I really like the idea of the "we love Saipan" webring and congratulate Walt and you and others who made it happen.

And as a proud member of it, I'd gladly sacrifice to be in the top 10, so anyone who wants to visit my blog, link to my blog, or otherwise promote it, please feel free (haha!).

It's content that counts. As long as you keep coming up with interesting posts, you can expect to be in the top 10. jmho.

BoReGo said...

More songs: 3 Rs by Jack Johnson. This one is very cool!

Marianas Eye said...

Great work!

BTW, I was here for that Y2K power outage. Pretty funny.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Can you add me as a link?


The Saipan Blogger said...

I thought I had already added a link to you. Oops!