Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Revolution Has Begun

Soccer in the CNMI is now a reality. We have Men's, Women's, and Youth leagues as well as a Women's and a Men's team that competes on the international level. We're even a provisional member of the East Asian Football Association...too bad we didn't win tonight.

Dang it.

I'll be home at 3 AM.


Anonymous said...

this is only the beginning.

Marianas Eye said...

We're proud of you guys.


Kimiko said...

Otsukare sama deshita!!(^_^)
Take a rest first, and GANBATTE again for the next game!!

CNMI Blogger said...

Angelo and the CNMI Men's & Women's Soccer Teams:

Remember, winning doesn't just come to those who rack up the highest numbers at the end of the game. An important reminder -- Guam has been in this game for many, many more years than we have been, so they are *supposed* to win.

But whether or not you win the numbers in Guam is not the most important thing. You must never lose sight of the importance of being THE teams who represented the CNMI in this sport in the international arena for the **first time in the history of our Commonwealth! This is the real cause for celebration.

For no matter how many more soccer teams from the CNMI come along and go on to score the numbers on the field, this piece of history belongs to YOU--THIS team, US fans, and ALL who call the CNMI "home" TODAY!

So hold your heads up high, Ladies & Gentlemen. Hold them up high, indeed! Come on home and let the celebrations continue! Cheer! Cheer! We are mighty PROUD of the home teams!

Rep. Cinta M. Kaipat

mcruic said...

What were the results from the men's and women's games in Guam?

Good luck with the CNMI team in the future - would be nice to see soccer in the Micronesia Games.