Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who invited the Thai girls?

Today was the first day of the NMIFA Women's Soccer League. The National Team is split up between the four teams, so (hopefully) one team won't dominate the season.

EJ is on the Green Team. I think they have a name. Grand Hotel Green Machine? I could probably look it up on the Saipan Tribune website, but that would take effort. Morgan, Sami, Shar, Anna, Zoey, and Cathy are on her team.

EJ did well. She might be new to the game, but at least she can run all day. EJ is kind of an aggressive athlete. She just got back from an ultimate frisbee tournament in Bali, but from her bruises and scrapes, it looks like she was in an ultimate FIGHTING tournament. Here she is taking a throwin:

EJ soccer throwinThe proof that she was working hard can be seen in the beads of sweat raining down her forehead after the game:

EJ LeeToday was also Thai New Year. As such, the Thai players went around shooting people with water guns and covering people's faces with powder:

Coach ZiggyAs you can probably surmise, just about everybody got into it after the first few dustings.


EJ said...

Nice pictures. Did you take photograpy in school?

Tony said...

water guns and powder? thats cool