Thursday, May 24, 2007

1st Annual Grand Fiesta Pop Music Festival

I'm always amazed at the people who say there is nothing to do on this island. I feel like the opposite is true; there is ALWAYS something to do on this island. Why, even as I type this, I'm skipping soccer practice...and missing out on the Thursday Night Street Market.

Tomorrow at this time people will be playing ultimate frisbee. Also tomorrow night, Karidat has a fundraiser at Aqua Resort and Grand Hotel has their Friday Night Food Court between 6-9, where they are going to award Beautify CNMI with yet another generous donation.

Saturday morning the women have their soccer semi-finals, Beach Road Magazine has their Car Rally, the Japanese Community will be cleaning up the Okinawa Memorial and planting Flame Trees, and then later on is the last night of the Taste of the Marianas. Sunday is just as busy.

Another great upcoming event is the Grand Fiesta Pop Music Festival, the preliminaries of which have already been going on for a couple of weeks. This is a contest to find local songwriters and to give them a chance to get into the studio. There was an open call for composers to submit original pop song demos and the field of 26 has already been trimmed down to 15.

This coming Tuesday, May 29, the First Cirlce band will perform all 15 songs starting at 7 PM. Judges are going to narrow the top 15 down to the top 10 and the winners are going to record a compilation CD. Grand Fiesta has already worked out a deal with local radio station KWAW to play all 10 songs on the radio for at least a month. The compilation CD will be available locally for purchase.

This is a great way for local artists to get heard. I know that no one is going to get the type of exposure that they would on American Idol, but Grand Fiesta is going to promote the hell out of these artists for an entire month and they get the chance to get some free studio time.

The whole things concludes with a concert at the end of July. There will be prizes in several categories, but the grand prize winner will win $1000. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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