Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hitting the Big Time

Local personality Bruce Bateman is about to become very famous in the Mainland. In a recent entry, Dailykos writer Dengre recounts some comments from one of Mr. Bateman's latest Saipan Tribune columns. The title is "Meet the face of drunken evil..."

I'm not going to reprint what Bruce wrote or what Dengre wrote about Bruce, but I will say that as a result of Dengre's post, there is an online movement to lobby Keith Olbermann to make Bruce one of his "Worst Persons in the World."

They are asking people to write to Olbermann with "Bruce Bateman Nominee for Worst Person" in the subject line. They ask you to email your nomination to

I'm not going to defend or attack Bruce's words. In fact, I doubt if he cares that people across the US are trying to get him named as "The Worst Person in the World."

I just want to congatulate him for making it to the Big Time! Go Bruce!


The Bald Wonder wrote a post about Bruce hitting the Big Time. I have to agree with what Jeff says. Although he has an "off" sense of humor, Bruce is a pretty good guy. In fact, I think a lot of the stuff he writes he writes with the express intent of pissing off people like Dengre.


Jeffrey C. Turbitt said...

I still think I'm batman in this situation, not the bald wonder.

fnpople said...

You have to admit, though, this Bateman guy said some pretty ridiculous things.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I missed all the hoopla. Since I don't read the Dengre anti-CNMI bashing blog much I didn't know I had been nominated. (BTW I just voted for myself in the 'worst person' poll and hope some of you Angelo readers will pile on so I can make a decent showing). Thanks for the heads up, Angelo.

Here is an email sent to me a few days ago (in a knee jerk response I guess to whatever this Dengre dude wrote) and my response to her.

Dear Mr. Bateman:

Your column concerning Mr. Buddhi Dhamil, the security guard so despondent about not receiving thousands owed to him, who in desperation set himself on fire was beyond cruel, insensitive, despicable, and appalling. You truly epitomize the "Ugly American". The only thing more shocking than the disgusting column, is the fact that any newspaper would publish it, and allow you to have a voice in their paper.

I can only imagine what his poor daughter, other family members, and friends will think when they read your mean-spirited, thoughtless, hurtful words.

I hope you will make a public apology.

Wendy Doromal
Dear Ms. Doromal,

Thanks for reading Sour Grapes and thanks for taking the time to send me your thoughts on the matter.

If you consider my suggestion to allow Mr. Dhamil to remain here on Saipan with a good paying Government job to be insensitive (and eight other adjectives you keyed off of your thesaurus), just what, pray tell, would YOU suggest be done with him?

Would you like to see him repatriated to Nepal where he will likely be killed in the political infighting there or at best be resigned to a life of abject poverty?

Why do you think he would be willing to perform such a self destructive act? According to him, he wanted to stay here and he wanted a job. My suggestion gives him both of his dreams in one package.

Apologize publicly? For what? For suggesting that he get what he most fervently wants?

Bruce A. Bateman


It's probably a better answer than she (whoever the f*** she is)deserves.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I will add that so far, Dengre hasn't had the cajones to send me any of his comments, preferring I guess to play third party, behind-the-back word games.

I've got a dengre for him....right here. (:-))

dengre said...


Bateman's brain cells are really fading. He really does not remember Wendy Doromal?


But then again, Doromal is a long-time a champion for the guest workers on the CNMI and as Bruce does not acknowledge the humanity of the majority population on the CNMI, it is not a surprise that he would attack or dismiss anybody who does.

Like all racists he is nice to the folks he sees as his equals. And like all racists he trades on that “niceness”. And because of that "niceness" he is enabled by folks who do not want to "rock the boat" even as they know the inequality and corruption on the CNMI must come to an end.

And Bruce, you wrote about Dhimal and his family in the Saipan Tribune. Did you have the "cajones" to go down to the Hospital and tell him his joke before you wrote it? Did you share your humor one on one with his Daughter? Did you take a moment to see how your way with words works one on one with members of the Nepalese guest worker community?

I betting you can’t look those folks in the eye. I am certain you can not see them as being your equal. Your cruelty hides your cowardice. How nice for you and the locals who think you brand of racism is “cute”.

If you want an email chat with me, then get in touch. Angelo has my email and it is over at Daily Kos.

And if you come to Washington, I’ll buy you a beer and ask you about your racist views face to face. And if I’m in Saipan I’ll be sure to drop in on aptly named Porky’s.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Well Dungre, you can respond directly. It takes a fair prodding but you will come out from under your rock. Thanks.

You wouldn’t know a racist if he bit you on the ass. Like most bureaucratic apologists you confuse racism with, or just use the term to denigrate, anyone who disagrees with your government-as-nanny philosophy. There, I think, lies your real purpose. To try and impede the voice of one who opposes your federalist takeover agenda with every breath as the sickening evil thuggery it is. Why else would you care about my opinion regarding a local human torch?

Frankly, I find your racist accusation laughable, as do you probably. Is it racist to propose a job for this flammable fanatic? Is it racist to offer a real world solution that accommodates both parties? Is it racist to offer a golden Zippo instead of a parachute? (No, but it doesn’t rate very high on the liberal sensitivity scale either, so what).

As to facing the local Nepalese community (not anywhere near a “majority” here as you claim in your diatribe) you might note that I print an opinion column under my own name with a response capable email address attached. I’m in the phone book and I am most willing to listen. Thus far, other than you and the Wendy person above noted, there seem to be no complaints. If there are I’ll be sure to let you know.

So what about you? What the fuck is a Dungre? Where can you be found? While we’re at it, just what is your stake in things Saipanese? Is your favorite Senator not in on the dip? Why do you find it necessary to hide behind a nom de plume? Would we be surprised to learn your real identity? Would it make your CNMI bashing, rabidly pro big stick government, Staymanesque blogging a bit more transparent if we knew your real identity? I suspect that is the case.

Please do come by the aptly named Porky’s for a slice of bacon and a cold beer should you ever grace our isle with your august presence. However, as with all others of your ilk who so selflessly propose the use of other peoples stolen tax money to further your personal gratifications and agenda, you will be asked to pay in advance…so we can avoid being stiffed. Otherwise you will be welcomed and treated cordially; as long as you don’t set yourself on fire.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Dengre is a shortened version of his name, like BoReGo.