Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Interview Questions

I've been contacted by someone doing a research paper who needs information about life in the CNMI. She emailed me a list of interview questions and when I started writing, I realized that most of the questions were rather large in scope. I think books could be written on some of her questions.

There is no way that I alone could do justice to the questions she is asking, so can some of you bloggers and/or readers help a brother out? Can you respond to some of her questions in the comments section of this post? If you are a blogger, can you add a link to your blog?

Answer any of the questions you want.

Thanks in advance, here are the questions:

1. First, can you give me a brief background about yourself and how/ why you came to live on Saipan? (i.e., did you move there for work, family, adventure?)

2. How would you explain life on Saipan to someone who has minimal knowledge of CNMI . What are some of the unique and defining points of CNMI culture and your experiences there?

3. What are the demographics of Saipan? Does U.S. policy seem to have influenced them in any way?

4. What sort of environmental impacts has U.S. government and militarization had on Saipan and CNMI that you know of? What other environmental problems does the region face?

5. What sort of cultural and economic impacts has the U.S. had?

6. What is your personal opinion on U.S. involvement in the Northern Mariana Islands? Does your opinion seem to be shared by the majority of residents? Why or why not?

7. In researching Saipan, I’ve noticed that there seems (at least on the internet) to have been a movement to preserve Chamorro culture and promote Chamorro pride. Does this seem to be a correct interpretation? Have there been any social movements in the realm of indigenous people’s awareness or movements towards independence from the U.S.? Was the establishment of the Mariana Islands as a U.S. Commonwealth a welcomed move by the majority of residence?

8. In recent years CNMI garment industries have been the center of labor rights controversies, most recently in an article put out by Ms. Magazine. Do you have any opinion on these matters? How significantly does the garment industry seem to impact life in Saipan?

9. Part of what lead me to you for an interview was the fact that you keep what seems to be a pretty prominent blog about your experiences in Saipan. Why did you decide to start this blog, what were you hoping to accomplish?

10. As a blogger, you have likely come across the very critical and anonymous, where criticisms of CNMI range from allegations of nepotism and corruption to racism and unregulated sexual abuses. AS someone who has never been to Saipan, this is one of the first sites that comes up in research and is more detailed than many others. However, as someone who has no connection with CNMI, I feel it is important to get a balanced view of these controversial issues. Does there seem to be any discussion or majority opinion on these issues in Saipan? Do you have any personal response to these criticisms?


Anonymous said...

When is her deadline?

bradinthesand said...

And why can't I send a message to dengre for a week after I sign up? Argh! What's his email address?

Anonymous said...

my deadline is the end of next week.

and i WISH there were books out there on these questions! there is way too little information on CNMI out there.

also, if anyone wants to email me in response, you can contact me at

hey thanks so much you guys :)

SPN Lifer said...

It's "the" CNMI. When used as a noun, the abbreviation "CNMI" is always preceded by the definite article, like FBI.