Friday, May 18, 2007

More on Open Government

Last month Tina Sablan and some of her family members and friends submitted a Letter to the Editor asking the CNMI House and Senate members for a "full disclosure of all expenditures that have been made by your office in the last two years."

I think that Justo Quitugua and Stanley Torres were the first two lawmakers to submit their budgets. I just got an email informing me that Cinta Kaipat posted her 2006 expenditures and her 2007 expenditures on her blog. She invites the public to call her office if they have any questions or if they need to speak with her directly.

I love Cinta's blog. It gives her a great avenue for communicating with people on a personal level and as a lawmaker. Cinta writes about her life and her public service, but she also writes about her job. Her blog allows anyone in the world to comment on anything and everything she is doing. Want to make a comment about pending legislation? Put it on her blog. I think every lawmaker should be forced to be that open with the public.

Oh yeah, in her blog she has also pledged to draw up legislation to repeal the law exempting the Legislature from "public scrutiny."

What can I say?

I know,

You go, girl!


Anonymous said...

Hey, No comment on your "More on Open Government" thing, no worries 'bout that, but thanks for taking your time talking in our class, I wasn't done with my homework. SSHS rocks. Ok, I'm going to leave a rude comment on Mr. Turbitt's blog thing now.

Steve Nguyen said...

Yeah, Cinta is awesome! Btw, Angelo, Miwa told me that the correct Japanese (phonetic) spelling of "Angelo Villagomez" is

Oh and you're tagged. Check my blog.